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from Sharon Kovar Biography

Hi April,

Loved the bear photos. I haven't had time to look at the others yet but I look forward to doing so soon.

I was able to see your biography so it was have been a glitch in Beates computer that she could see your information.

Your site is very professional and easy to use. Congratulations and good luck in developing your business.  Previous Response:
from April J. Rovero
on July 20, 2008

Thanks for checking out my site! You'll especially enjoy the Yosemite photos, some of which were taken when we were visiting Glen Aulin a couple of years ago. You'll also enjoy the poppie and other floral pictures. Beate checked my site just before I added the bio and only had a couple of galleries up and running. Hopefully, she'll check back to see what's been added!

Take care, and see you on the trails again after I return from my summer travels.


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