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from Beate Boultinghouse Congratulations & Bio

Hi April,
Congratulations on the development of your business and sharing your excellent photography.
I looked at your bio, but it came up blank for me. Was it me, or is there nothing there yet?
Looking forward to more of your phtotos, especially from your Summer 2008 travels. Previous Response:
from April J. Rovero
on July 08, 2008

Thanks so much for visiting my site! You are the very first to check it out. I just finished putting my bio in - not sure it's the final version, but at least something is there. I also have created some new galleries since you visited that you can check out.

Take care, and see you soon!

April Previous Response:
on July 28, 2011
 Phenomenal braekodwn of the topic, you should write for me too! 

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